Looking for the right computer hardware and software supplier for your business or home at the right prices? Your search is over!

At UNITECH, you can fill all your computer needs. We can provide you with latest IT solutions for business, computers, servers, tablets, a great variety of software, printers, notebooks, accessories, training, on-site service and much more.

Since 1988, we continue to seek ways to better serve our customers. Our goal at UNITECH is to provide services that meet the same high standards as the products we sell.

I.T. simplified ask us for a quote today. Financing is available!

Backup services

Advance backup and recovery services, including cloud backup. We help you protect and secure your data from any unexpected threat including ransom-ware.

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microsoft office 365

Fully featured email service and office suite.

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based service that is designed to help meet your organization's needs for robust security, reliability, and user productivity.

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Virus Protection

More than ever, small businesses are being targeted for cyber attacks. According to the latest reports, 60% of targeted attacks hit small and mid-sized organizations. You need a way to keep your data safe from attacks and data breaches.

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Networks and Security

Affordable firewalls, switches and routers let small businesses and large companies take full advantage of lates technologies, without compromising the highly effective protection needed to stop cyberattacks.

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Data recovery

We can help you recover from wide range of problems. We offer complete data recovery service that specializes in recovering files from hard disk drives and other media.

remote support

We can help you solve problems remotely.

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We can monitor your hardware, software and your network infrastructure and prevent downtime.

migration services

We offer a number of email  and data migration services.

It Department for your office

We can be your IT Help-desk for your company, giving you the time to concentrate on your business.

consulting services

Unitech focuses on advising organizations on how best to use information technology (IT) in achieving their business objectives. In addition to providing advice, we provide our clients with estimates, management, implementation, deployment, and general administration of their entire IT environment.

on-site support

We provide on-site technical support on a short or long term basis. Since 1988, we have accumulated an invaluable technical knowledge and know-how. We support Montreal island and surrounding areas.

Upgrades and repairs

Speed up your servers business computers with our professional upgrade and repair services. Removal of viruses and unwanted software, replacing old components and upgrade of hard drives and ram.

virtualization and cloud computing

Quick, reliable delivery of shared computing resources, backups, software or data through the Internet.