Enabling a Digital Work Life

This 3-sided infosheet provides bullet point and thumbnail image highlights of HP computer features and accessories tailored for remote workers. The document first reminds readers of the global shift to remote working, as 45% of IT decision-makers now are augmenting employees’ ability to work from home. Top computer features noted for remote workers include HP Connection Optimizer for faster, more reliable Wi-Fi and 5G LTE; a back-facing microphone on Elite laptops for videoconferencing in a team setting; and built-in software to suppress 20% of ambient room noise. Accessories to maximize remote worker productivity include displays of a variety of sizes and performance; multi-port docking hubs; and wireless keyboards and mice. The infosheet wraps up with mention of the Elite Slice G2, an easy-to-use room conferencing solution. For more information about HP products to maximize productivity from any workplace, contact us today.

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