Fortune 1000 – Acomba  X        Accounting Software


With the Acomba Startup Kit, adopt the accounting management solution used by more than 75,000 Québec SMBs to get a handle on your company’s actual financial situation. The Acomba Starter Kit includes everything you need to do your bookkeeping simply and efficiently,

manage amounts due and fully benefit from the discounts  granted by your suppliers.  

Other Modules Available:


The Acomba Startup Kit contains the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and System Manager applications. eXplic function to get to the root of all your transactions Multi-user, real-time processing

Definable DOS and Windows check printing

Report printing in XML, PDF, TXT, RTF, etc. formats








Customer Relation Management

Rapid address

Gift Certificate

FDS inventory

Payroll Management

Quick and easy reports, Form previews

                                                                                              Point of Sale

General Ledger

Touch Screen Software and Hardware

Unlimited number of accounts and transactions

Data transfer to the accountant

Automated bank reconciliation function

Transmission of reports via email or fax

Contextual help and topics, Batch processing

Financial calculator

Main Features

Quick in-store billing


- Unlimited number of   transactions

- Printing of register slips and regular invoices

-  Invoice archive and reprinting

-  Print preview

Accounts Payable

Invoicing interface with adjustable buttons and shortcuts

Electronic Funds Transfer

Management of peripherals: optical scanner, display, cash

Purchase grouping drawer, slip printer, printer, touch screen

Discount management

Management of product files with retail price, cost price,

Customer numbers on supplier checks department

Definition of payment terms

Management of discounts of invoices and products

Payment schedule with installments or fixed-date payments

Automatic tax management upon invoicing

Management of cash-outs and paid-outs

Accounts Receivable

Secure, password-protected operation

Calculation of the days passed since a transaction

Quick lock of any workstation

Cash discounts managed by product group

Network installation for using multiple stations  simultaneously

Unlimited invoice lines

Mailing labels produced in your choice of formats

Sales analysis per sales person, product or department

Specific credit and interest conditions for each customer

Price list integrated with the invoicing procedure

Invoices printed in batches/Reprint invoices at any time                   

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Option to use different billing and shipping addresses for the same customer


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