Month: October 2020

Top 5 Reasons to Consider HPE Nimble Storage DHCI

This infographic presents the top 5 reasons to consider HPE Nimble Storage DHCI™ as a computing and storage platform. Powered by HPE InfoSight™, the intelligent solution is scalable, offers 99.9999% data availability, and delivers accelerated rack-to-app performance. The platform is fault tolerant, as it does not have a single point of failure. Contact us to learn more about HPE Nimble Storage DHCI.

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Hardware-enhanced Threat Detection

The Intel product brief, “Hardware-enhanced Threat Detection,” explains how Intel Threat Detection Technology (Intel® TDT) brings hardware capabilities to threat detection. The Hardware-Enhanced Threat Detection Product Brief explains the innovative telemetry and acceleration capabilities that can identify threats and detect anomalous activity.

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Financial Services Industry—For the new world of work

The “Financial Services Industry—For the new world of work” flyer explains how Microsoft Surface devices deliver value across the industry. As technology disrupts the landscape of financial services, organizations must become more agile to deliver new customer experiences, all while maintaining tight control over sensitive data and evolving regulations. See how, in an increasingly competitive industry, Surface devices enable professionals to balance objectives, deliver outstanding service, and exceed expectations. Contact us today to learn more.

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Intel® Hardware Shield Technology

This video provides an overview how of Intel® Hardware Shield protects against firmware attacks. With hackers constantly looking for new areas and methods of attaching PCs, Hardware Shield reduces the attack surface of the BIOS. This protects your workforce by mitigating risks brought on by the complex mobile modern workplace.

Redefining the standard for system availability

This white paper highlights the cutting-edge features of HPE Nimble Storage. The benefits of using the platform—which includes 6 nines of system availability (99.9999%), InfoSight Predictive Analytics™, and rapid problem resolution—are also presented to show readers how an intelligent storage platform supports modern infrastructure. For more information about HPE Nimble Storage, contact us today!

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