Can HPE Nimble Storage dHCI get any better? Yes it can!

Experience the value that the award-winning HPE Nimble Storage dHCI delivers by reading this blog. Launched in 2019 to transform the way VMs manage unpredictable workloads, HPE Nimble Storage dHCI has just announced exciting new features. See how consuming VMs as a service can further simplify and accelerate time to value, and how expanded server options enable greater flexibility.

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Surface Hub 2S flexibility creates opportunity

This article describes how new accessories such as the Steelcase Roam mobile stand and APC Charge Mobile Battery make the Surface Hub 2S 100% mobile. Combined with Microsoft Teams, Surface Hub 2S now enables true flexibility and seamless remote collaboration. For more information about the Surface Hub 2S, please contact us.

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Moving Mountains with Gen10

This case study provides a real-world example of how the HPE ProLiant can transform enterprise IT systems. It details how Allied Trucking of Florida implemented this technology, thus helping the company expand its reach through scalable infrastructure and real-time analytics. Learn more by contacting ORDINATEURS UNITECH COMPUTERS today.

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Intel vPro® Platform – Built for Business

This video discusses the business value of the Intel vPro® platform—a comprehensive PC foundation for performance that offers more security, manageability, and stability. For more information about the Intel vPro platform, please contact ORDINATEURS UNITECH COMPUTERS.

HP P22h G4 21.5-inch Monitor

This datasheet provides details about the HPP22h G4 21.5-inch monitor, which could be a critical asset for any business looking to set up a multi-display environment. More screens mean better productivity, and HP products like this one can help. Brought to you by ORDINATEURS UNITECH COMPUTERS.

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Storage Class Memory with HPE Nimble Storage

The sub-millisecond latency that All-Flash arrays enable isn’t sufficient for today’s fast-growing storage workload demands. This Chalk Talk video illustrates how to achieve the predictable, ultra-low latency needed for ideal shared shortage using NVMe on Storage Class Memory. See how HPE Nimble Storage is able to deliver sub-200us latency, predictable performance at scale, and a non-disruptive path with no forklifts required. For more information on HPE Nimble Storage, contact us today.