Month: February 2021

HPE Discover 2020: Backup Is Still Key in the Big Data Revolution

This article explores the different types of data backup and recovery offered by HPE Cloud Volumes, with HPE Nimble, and why they matter. Three distinct tiers allow businesses to unlock the value of data in whatever manner suits their needs. Extreme efficiency, coupled with HPE analytics, empowers organizations to access, recover, and use data from anywhere, making this more than a backup service. Contact us today for more information.

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Do One Better

This fact sheet will provide you with details about the Microsoft Surface Duo’s hardware specifications as well as the apps that it can run and the ways in which it helps you stay more productive while mobile. Contact ORDINATEURS UNITECH COMPUTERS today for further details.

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6 GHz Wi-Fi 6E – Business Wi-Fi’s biggest advancement in 20 years

This infographic shows that Intel® Wi-Fi 6/6E (Gig+) offers many large high-speed channels but with improved performance and reliability—and no legacy Wi-Fi interference or congestion. For more information about Intel® Wi-Fi 6/6E (Gig+), please contact ORDINATEURS UNITECH COMPUTERS.

HP EliteBook 1000 Series

This video gives you a glimpse at the HP EliteBook x360 1000 Series, a line of notebooks that is designed with the needs of business in mind. They feature plenty of power, security, and connectivity—and they’re sustainably built, too. To learn more, contact ORDINATEURS UNITECH COMPUTERS for further details.

HPE Cloud Volumes

This infographic illustrates how HPE Cloud Volumes, an enterprise-grade multicloud storage service, bests the competition when it comes to running applications from the cloud. Its durability, seamless data mobility, global visibility, and industry-leading data efficiency make disruptions, stress, and downtime all a thing of the past. Contact us today for more information and to learn how HPE is able to deliver a 6-nines guaranteed availability.

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Lenovo Performance Tuner

This short video shows how Lenovo Performance Tuner adjusts system resources to optimize the user’s workstation’s performance. For more information about LPT, please contact ORDINATEURS UNITECH COMPUTERS.

The new Surface Duo. Do one better

This video gives you a chance to see the Surface Duo in action. You’ll be able to learn about all the ways people can use this device and get a look at the beautiful slim design along with features and capabilities. To learn more, please contact ORDINATEURS UNITECH COMPUTERS today.

Confidence at the core

This eBook describes how HPE Gen10 Servers have a Silicon Root of Trust that’s built directly into the hardware itself. This binds all the essential firmware—UEFI BIOS, complex programmable logic device, innovation engine, and management engine—into the silicon before the server is even built. For more information on HPE Gen10 Servers with Silicon Root of Trust, please contact ORDINATEURS UNITECH COMPUTERS.

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