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Microsoft Entra Verified ID

Together with the open standards community, customers and partners, Microsoft is helping create a decentralized identity system designed for security, privacy and inclusivity. Read the datasheet for additional information on the features and benefits of Microsoft Entra Verified ID.,

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Strabag SE builds a risk management solution to improve efficiency using Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

Strabag SE, a global construction company, has partnered with Microsoft to drive digitalization and innovation in the construction industry. Recognizing the need for operational efficiencies through data, Strabag built a Data Science Hub in collaboration with Microsoft. This central entity enabled them to collect and leverage decentralized data for valuable insights.

One notable success is their AI-based risk management solution, which uses algorithms to identify at-risk construction projects. By predicting potential failures, Strabag saves time and reduces financial losses. The algorithm has achieved an impressive 80% accuracy in risk prediction with just three months of data.

Through Microsoft’s Intelligent Data Platform, Strabag established a centralized system to connect and analyze data from various sources. This paved the way for developing use cases to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs globally.

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What is Azure OpenAI Service?

Azure OpenAI Service enables developers to use large-language generative AI models in enterprise-grade application development. This Microsoft Azure infographic highlights generative AI trends, top use cases and responsible AI principles. Download the infographic for an at-a-glance.

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Move your desktops to the cloud with Citrix and Microsoft Azure

See how Microsoft Azure integrates with Citrix to enable hybrid multi-cloud, giving Citrix Virtual Desktop users broad support for resources on-prem and in Azure with a streamlined management interface. The result is a speedier, more cost-effective transition to Azure, so your business benefits faster. Watch the video for insight.


Lenovo 100e Chromebook Gen 3 Product Tour

Discover how the Lenovo 100E Chromebook makes it easy for students to love learning, with a durable, functional design engineered for education and other amazing features. These Chromebooks are available to ship now, so be sure to watch this video and get your orders placed!