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Cyber Signals Feb 2024

July 17, 2024
report MS OpenAI cyber signals issue 6 Feb24 thumb

To strengthen security posture, it’s essential to understand how to integrate #AI-powered tools into your security strategy. Here’s the blueprint for your #AIsecurity journey:

Cincinnati Reds Baseball Team

July 17, 2024
cs HP Z Cincinnati Reds thumb

Data science applications tend to process huge volumes of data including 3D images, statistical analyses and data models. As the Cincinnati Reds analytics team found, the amount of data generated can overwhelm. But with Z by @HP on the equipment roster, faster and more accurate real-time data analytics can put you back at the top of your game. Get the story from the Cincinnati Reds 👇

Modern devices for government flyer

July 17, 2024
Modern Devices for Government Surface C16W5 7 15 thumb

The latest @Microsoft @Surface devices for government are exactly what your employees—and the citizens you serve have ordered! Ideal for hybrid work, they provide AI-enabled productivity and chip-to cloud security of all your organizational and citizen data, On top of that, these devices are specifically designed for sustainability and inclusivity. Check out the flyer, and contact ORDINATEURS UNITECH COMPUTERS today for all your Surface needs.

Efficiency surges for Brazilian port powerhouse

July 16, 2024
Efficiency surges for Brazilian port powerhouse Porto Itapo thumb

Efficiency surges for this port powerhouse with @HPE Alletra 9000 and HPE Synergy! 🚢📈 Check out this customer story to see how this solution led to enormous increases in efficiency and daily traffic. Contact ORDINATEURS UNITECH COMPUTERS to learn how HPE Alletra 9000 and HPE Synergy can advance your business goals.

Lenovo ThinkBook 13X Gen 4

July 16, 2024
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Discover the @Lenovo US ThinkBook 13X Gen 4, an ultra-portable clamshell engineered with premium features and AI-accelerated productivity. The device provides faster workflow with premium mobility features, and includes Intel® Evo™ certification. Check out this stunning video and reach out to ORDINATEURS UNITECH COMPUTERS to get your device today!

Surface for Government Overview eBook

July 16, 2024
Surface for Government eBook C16W5 7 15 thumb

The latest @Microsoft Surface devices for government are exactly what your employees—and the citizens you serve—have ordered! Ideal for hybrid work, they empower employees with AI experiences, provide chip-to-cloud security of organizational and citizen data, and deliver productivity that helps agencies to better serve their mission.

Read the eBook containing the Surface portfolio and a “day in the life” scenario for understanding what Surface can do for your organization. Contact ORDINATEURS UNITECH COMPUTERS today for help ordering new Surface devices for your organization.

Top 5 reasons to migrate to Azure VMware Solution

July 16, 2024
in custom AzureVMwarePMC thumb

Why should you use Azure VMware Solution (AVS) to migrate your VMworkloads from your datacenter to @Azure? We’ve got 5 great reasons. Get this infographic to see what they are, and DM us to learn more.

What is machine learning?

July 15, 2024

Machine Learning (ML) uses algorithms to make accurate predictions and pinpoint potential trouble spots before they become problems. Visit the @Microsoft Azure website for more insight on the potential of MS and the business and technology challenges it can help you resolve.